[VLOG] Travel Mémoires Vol.1: Palawan, Philippines


It’s been a very long time since I last posted. Anyway, watch the vlog about my wonderful trip in Palawan. Click the link below!

Travel Mémoires Vol.1: Palawan, Philippines


[VLOG] Back-to-school: What’s in my school bag? (2017)


School’s about to start here in the Philippines! So, here’s a video of what is in my school bag. Check it out here: What’s in my school bag

Exploring Bicol (Caramoan, Camarines Sur, Albay, etc.)

Last May of 2016, my family and I visited Bicol because my aunt and her kids came home from America. I was beyond excited that time ‘cos I knew we’ll be indulging ourselves on a lot of trips. Booking a good hotel that can accommodate 16 persons is very hard (yes, my family is big).  We almost didn’t push through our plans due to the difficulty of hotel/resort booking. Fortunately, my aunt was able to find a cheap but nice resort in Caramoan. Caramoan is located in Bicol Region particularly in Camarines Sur. It is made up of multiple islands which composes of white sand bars, tranquil lakes, deep caves and coves, etc. It is not that popular yet unlike Boracay.


May 25, 2016 — the day when we left the house. After a 10-hour drive, we first went to Peñafrancia Basilica located at the outskirts of Naga City in Camarines Sur. It is a humongous church that is believed to have a miraculous Mama Mary Statue. We stopped by there for an hour and decided to continue on our trip. The road going to Caramoan was really horrible. We had to cross 15 mountains (at least) just to get there. And P.S., most of the road wasn’t cemented plus it’s very steep. But when we arrived there, I realized that the 14-hour drive was worth it. The resort we went to is nice and it has a peaceful ambiance. Evicted members from the TV show, Survivor, are staying there as well. For lunch, we had a buffet and everything was fresh from the ocean. Not until when the resort had a power interruption. The electricity was out for 4 hours and everyone’s complaining. Let’s add the fact that it’s summer so it’s scorching hot. We decided to go on an island hopping that day.

We got back at the resort at around 6:00 pm. Fortunately, the electricity is back. We slept early because we will be going again on an island hopping the next day. On the following day, we went onto 4 more islands. The beach was breath-taking and priceless. I cannot describe into words how beautiful it is and how thankful I am for being there. The pearly white sand, the scrumptious seafood, the cotton candy-like clouds, the crystal clear water are a perfect combination. God’s beautiful creation, indeed!


3 days of being in Caramoan feels like heaven. The day has come when we had to leave and go onto the next trip which is Albay, Bicol. Ever since I’m a kid, I can only see Mount Mayon in pictures over the internet. Mount Mayon is the most popular and perfect cone shape volcano situated in Legazpi,Albay. I never knew that seeing Mount Mayon and Cagsawa Ruins in person would be jaw-dropping. I took a lot of pictures using my Fujifilm Instax Mini 70. The whole trip was extremely good because my whole family grew closer together and it’s nice to  take off some time from work. Cheers to more family vacays!💕