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I’ve been meaning to share to you my collection of journals which I started collecting when I was 12 years old. I did not love them any less now that I’m 18 and I’m actually happier that they’re growing in number. I already have 121 total number of journals and notepads. I bought most of it and a few were given to me. Watch my vlog to find which among them are my favorites!

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Watch it here:  Journal Collection + My Faves!


Getting Lost in Japan: Osaka

Osaka Castle

Finally, I had the time to write about my Osaka trip– the second part of my Japan blog post. Just like Tokyo, I had tons of fun in Osaka but frankly, I like Tokyo better. I dont know maybe because we only had 3 full days to explore the city that’s why I wasn’t able to appreciate Osaka more? But now, let me tell you about our 3 days in Osaka.

We took the shinkansen (bullet train) from Tokyo Station to Shin-Osaka Station. It took us 2 hours and 30 minutes but ok let me tell you first how hard it is to navigate through Tokyo Station with our 12 suitcases. Yeah, you heard it right. We have 12 suitcases and imagine how difficult it is to walk around the station with that many luggages. It took us 2 hours to buy 12 shinkansen tickets not because the queue is long (there’s none actually) but because we got lost on our way to the ticket counter. Tickets were approximately 13, 260 yen (around Php 7,000) per person as we picked the Nozomi Shinkansen Train, the fastest bullet train. The train just arrived when we passed through the gates so we were rushing towards car number 3– car for non-reserved seats (we were in front of car 16 that time lol). When we got inside the train, I was amazed because it didn’t look like a train at all. It looks more of an airplane to be honest. What I also really like about it is that it has a huge leg room (wayyyy better than a plane’s leg room). It can fit my huge luggages and my legs without feeling uncomfortable at all. We took few stops at different stations before arriving in Osaka. We hailed a van and a taxi going to our Airbnb house and it only took us around 15 minutes. Our Airbnb host is very friendly and the interior of the house is also cute since it’s full of pastel furnitures and decors. What I like about the house that we stayed at is it’s very close from Dotonbori. By just 2 minutes of walking, you’ll be able to get there.


We just spent the whole day relaxing in the house. The next day (May 9, 2018), we decided to go to Osaka Castle and explore Dotonbori, Namba, and Shinsaibashi. We took the train going to Osaka castle and I just have to say that it’s easier to navigate in Osaka more than Tokyo probably because you can see more signages in Osaka. We hike our way going to Osaka Castle and we took A LOT of pictures on our way to the top. We stroll inside Miraiza Osaka-jo, a shopping mall just beside Osaka Castle. We ate Takoyaki (for the nth time) because we were starving! Afterwards, we made our way to Namba and stroll along the shopping areas until we reached Shinsaibashi where we bought and ate Pablo Cheesecake. I forgot the name that I bought but it was a cheese tart with an ice cream beside it. It was so delicious that I was able to finish it in less than 3 minutes. We went to different stores in Shinsaibashi until we found McDonald’s along the way and spent probably an hour there. ALSO, I was so happy when I saw that their McNuggets is on SALE. YES! ON SALE!! I forgot how much exactly it is but ugh, my McNuggets heart is so happy! After some time, we went to Dotonbori and explored the place. My brother and I also tried the gigantic clams which costs 500 yen each (around Php 250). It’s expensive but we didn’t regret spending our money because it was soooooo delicious! After buying another set of Takoyaki and Onomiyaki, my mom and I went to Forever21. I spent an hour there just sulking in one corner. Why? Let’s not talk about it hahaha. After an hour of giving my mom an attitude, I went to the third floor of Forever21 and dang! Everything there was on clearance! It was 9:00 pm that time and I wished I didn’t sulk in the corner an hour ago. Everything was 50-75% off and I scored a looooot of items. A lot, really! What’s also good about it is we got some items for free because they had a promo going on. We were the last customer to pay that time because I took so much time picking stuff.


The following day (May 10, 2018), we woke up early to go to Universal Studios. I was very hyped while walking along the City Walk. We took quite a few pictures in front of the Universal Studios Globe. After some time, we went straight to the entrance since we already bought our tickets from Klook. It was my first time going to Universal Studios and dang, all rides were beyond my expectations! It’s unique and very far from Disney. I would say it’s more adult-friendly since most rides are extreme. We first tried the 4D Minion Ride. The queue was very long and it took us an hour before getting on the actual ride. We thought it’s kid-friendly but we thought wrong hahaha! My 4-year-old cousins ended up whining and crying throughout the ride. What is it about? Just see for yourself! Hahaha. Anyway, so we proceeded to Jurassic World and my brother, sister, and parents decided to ride the Flying Dinosaur in to which I declined because I’m a scaredy cat. I waited for around an hour for them to finish but while I was waiting, I bought myself some caramel popcorn. I was quite disappointed there’s no other choice but caramel because I hate that flavor, swear! After the Flying Dinosaur ride, we went to eat at Discovery Restaurant. I picked Korean BBQ just because I’m craving for Korean food that time. While we were eating, a dinosaur came out of nowhere! Hahaha. It scared the hell out of my little cousins but it was really entertaining to watch. After eating, we tried the Jaws ride then The Dream Ride Rollercoaster. Hell, I almost fainted while we were on the queue. My parents forced me into that ride and when we got into the actual ride, I’m already at the verge of vomiting (because of too much anxiety! hahaha). Good thing, I didn’t. I just kept my eyes closed throughout the entire ride and I can’t help but scream everytime there’s a drop. I didn’t regret trying that ride, though! It was fun and it literally took me out of my comfort zone hahaha! After that life-threatening (it really is!) ride, we went to try Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Of course, I can’t leave USJ without trying their famous butter beer! I was craving for it prior to this trip and so I can really say, cravings satisfied! I’m not really a fan of Harry Potter and to be honest, I don’t know what it is about (I haven’t watched the movie nor read the book yet, forgive me) but I enjoyed the Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey ride. I won’t spoil you on what it is about. The Flight of Hippogriff ride was short but amusing. It’s basically a rollercoaster but not an extreme one, it’s something I would enjoy. Afterwards, we took a few pictures and then we went home early. I would love to go back to USJ if given the chance. I also like their rides better than Disney since they’re more inclined to adults but they also have kid-friendly attractions. The others went to Dotonbori while I stayed home to eat my convenience store-bought food. I had Gyoza, Onigiri, and Tonkatsu. I packed my stuff and went to bed since we have an early flight the next morning.


Morning came (May 11, 2018) and I felt very sad leaving Japan. I went on a last-minute run to Lawson and spent my remaining money to buy Onigiri. I realized I bought way too many Onigiris while I was in Japan and I’m really going to miss it. It was a cold morning (around 13 degrees celsius) and I just don’t want to leave Japan yet. Osaka was good to us. We didn’t get lost while we were navigating our way through the city. There were also a lot of cheap finds compared to Tokyo. It’s so sad we only got to spend 3 full days on such amazing city. I completely have no words for Japan. Hands down! It was an unforgettable trip, indeed. Mata ne, Japan!

[VLOG] Back-to-school: What’s in my school bag? (2017)


School’s about to start here in the Philippines! So, here’s a video of what is in my school bag. Check it out here: What’s in my school bag

Journey To Hong Kong: A Week-Long Vacation Pt. 1

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The view of Hong Kong Island from Kowloon Peninsula

DISCLAIMER: This blog will have 2 parts. First one will be a narrative about what happened before we went to Hong Kong (like how we planned our trip, how we booked our tickets, etc.). As for the last part, I will be talking about the entire experience of our Hong Kong trip such as the places we visited, food we ate, and the stuff that we bought. Have fun reading!

Last January of 2016, my family and I were thinking of having a vacation somewhere else in Asia. I, being the eldest among my cousins, was in charge to look up airfare promos online. I asked for my aunt’s help and we came across Cebu Pacific Airline’s website. Luckily, we saw a not-so-expensive flight going to Hong Kong and so, we booked it immediately. April 3,2016 is the date of our departure which is the day after my Junior High School Graduation.

Early morning of April 3,2016, I received a news that NAIA Terminal 3, the airport we are heading to, had a power interruption and multiple flights are being cancelled. Being apprehensive about the situation, I hastily called NAIA and asked if our flight will be cancelled (P.S. the departure time of our flight was 7:30 am). Fortunately, the manager said that it is not affected. We went to the airport at around 4:30 am and arrived there by 5:15 am. We paid for the terminal fees, checked in our luggages and went to the waiting area. Everything’s going smoothly not until when we heard that our flight be delayed. It was fine for me at first as I thought it will be only for half an hour. In contrary of what I expected, our flight was delayed for almost 3 hours. We got inside the aircraft at around 10:30 am and we arrived Hong Kong International Airport at exactly 11:46 am. We got out of the airport and rode a bus going to Tsim Sha Tsui. The ride took us an hour and it really made me dizzy. We checked in at Imperial Hotel in Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui. The rooms were nice and it was very affordable especially for big families like us.

During our first day, we stayed at the hotel and took a nap. Evening came when my mom and I decided to take a walk within the vicinity of the hotel. Before we return back, my mom wanted to buy food from McDonald’s but since I don’t like McDonald’s, I left my mom there and walked alone going to our hotel. I planned the next day’s itinerary since we don’t have a tourist guide with us. After doing so, I went to bed and had a good night sleep.

This is all for the first part of the blog. I will be posting the second part on some other day.