An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctors Away

We may have heard “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” either from our moms, doctors, or television shows that we watch. Aside from the fact that it rhymes and is fun to say, does it really make any sense?


Apple, a fruit belonging to rose family, is one of the healthiest fruits there are which carries a lot of health benefits. It keeps one’s body disease-free. Since it is filled with soluble fiber, it reduces the risks of having intestine-related diseases. Also, it believed that it lessens the possibility of having a cancer by as much as half. Studies have also shown that those who eat an apple a day has lower risk of stroke, improved brain functioning, reduced possibility of having diabetes and dementia. Listed below are facts you may have not heard about apple before.

1. Apple has the ability to float in water because 25% of its volume is made up of air.
2. There are 7500 varieties of apple in the world and if you would ever want to try them all, it would take you approximately 20 years in totality.
3. Malusdomesticaphobia is the fear of eating apples. ‘Malus’ and ‘domestica’ are scientific terms for orchard apple tree.
4. Apple seeds are poisonous as it contains a poison called “Cyanide”. However, there won’t be any effect unless you eat 200 seeds or 10 apple cores.
5. A natural wax is applied to apples not only to make them appear shiny but to also to remove bacteria and to slow its ripening
6. Apple contains huge amount of boron which increase mental alertness
7. It takes 36 apples to make a gallon of cider
8. It is believed that apple originated between Black Sea and Caspian Sea
9. The crabapple is the only apple native to U.S.
10. Apples are very popular in mythologies. It was present in the bible, Norse mythology, and Greek Mythology.

So to keep doctors away, eat apples everyday!




Shots by: Kyle Alexandria Mirano



A train of unfiltered thoughts vol. 2


It’s just one of those nights where I lie in my bed, awake. Million of thoughts is the sole reason for my sleepless soul. I often think about things that gives no answer to itself. I reckon of countless possibilities in life and of what’s in store for tomorrow. There i came thinking, how is there a tomorrow? How do we know there’s life the next day? I remember His greatness. He gives life surely. He gives life kindly. And day by day, he reveals His greatness in the most delicate way. He keeps me going. When life is tough, the way it always is, He serves as my strength. With high hopes of surviving from life’s daily struggle, I run to Him. I am deeply grateful for having to experience the throes He continuously provide. Its absence will not culminate hard work and self motivation, truly. I will unceasingly thank Him for His enigmatic works of wonder. At certain times, when life is unusually blissful, I unknowingly neglect how He worked His way to where I stand. I would often disregard the mere actuality that I arose from the lowest ground existing and my triumph will not come about if wasn’t for Him. There are instances where in I would look down from the mountain I stand on without feeling neither satisfaction nor gratification. My psyche shouts for more. I would forget that in order to climb another one, I must go down again. More often than not, I feel hate for having to descend, for having to interact with people of lower standing. I conceal my unnecessary slurs for them. But I forgot that we are of the same standing, we strive for a similar aspiration, and we are His people.


Photography: Kyle Alexandria Mirano

A train of unfiltered thoughts vol. 1


She stands in the most intimidating way

She walks as if a red carpet is beneath her

She speaks like she knows everything

She laughs as if no one is watching her

She acts like no one is judging her

She thinks in the most interesting way

She does best in all things

She is the person you’ll rarely meet out of the 7.5 billion people in this world

She is unique

And that, she is aware of

She is one of a kind

She deserves everything best there is

She hides under another person

In the most subtle way, she cries

Her roar of pain is so loud that you could barely hear anything

Her tears are precious like a diamond that you could not see it

She’s so good in everything

That even her feelings, she was able to keep it hidden

Photography: Kyle Alexandria Mahry Mirano